Factors that you need to consider in buying a welder


If you are planning to buy a welder for a certain welding project, you just don’t declare that you need a TIG welder at once. There are several factors that you need to consider first to select the right welder for your project and to avoid wasting both of your time and money.

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There is no universal welder
You must know that there is no universal welder at all. With that being said, for every welding project, there is a designated welder that is appropriate for that. For instance, if you are trying to fabricate the metals then you can use a TIG welder but if you wanted to fuse joints and alloys it is highly recommended that you use the stick welder instead.

Gas tungsten welding
In Gas tungsten welding, a TIG welder is used because the process involves in using a non-consumable tungsten electrode and also it also requires a shielding glass to avoid contamination from the welding area. If you are planning to work with thin materials, the TIG welder is perfect for you because it does not result in an ugly distortion of metal after you have finished the project. It is also known for providing what could be the highest possible quality of a welding project.

Flux cored welding
Influx cored welding; you are going to deal with cored wires. Cored wires are ideal for using for a thick metal compared to the solid wires. If you tend to use cored wires, then you can expect that you are not that affected by the drafts. With that being said, you should use the flux cored welding for any outdoor projects because even if the material is dirty and dusty, it will still work.